Herbboy Du Zhong / Eucommia Ulmoides / 四川顶厚老杜仲


四川老杜仲 Eucommia Ulmoides

四川老杜仲 3特点 老,厚,植物胶质多
Eucommia Ulmoides knows as ” Du Zhong ”
3 selling point , Old 、Tick 、Rich of plant collagen

用法: 泡茶,煲汤
Use : Tea / Herbal Soup

A popular herb among athletes, eucommia is known to help improve flexibility and well as increase physical energy. It is used to help fortify the bones, ligaments and tendons and is especially reinforcing to the knees, ankles and back, particularly the lumbar lower spine region. Working with the kidney and liver organ systems, the teas or hot water extracts are a great supplement for those with symptoms of kidney Yang deficiency, which may include low energy, sensation of coldness, weakness and lethargy. It is sweet, warm and bitterly pungent in nature, which makes it easily absorbed and suitable for most people. Tonifying to kidney Yang functions, it is said to increase mental power and creativity as well as strengthen the will.

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