Herbboy Sarawak Premium White Pepper 砂劳越特级白胡椒粒 Sarawak Lada Putih Berprestij Premium 100%


Herbboy Sarawak Premium White Pepper
Sarawak Lada Putih Berprestij Premium
保证一百巴仙 100% Pure


大家一定都食用过胡椒吧?胡椒有一种特殊的芳香,而且味道辛辣。白胡椒性温热,善于驱寒,对胃寒所致的胃腹冷痛、肠鸣腹泻等有很好的缓解作用,同时可以发汗,对于治疗风寒感冒有很好的效果,其芳香的气味也能令人们胃口大开,增进食欲。除此之外, 有胡椒的菜肴不易变质,说明胡椒还有防腐抑菌的作用,而且可以用它解鱼虾肉毒。


What is white peppercorns?
White pepper is a kind of pepper. It is well known that pepper has black and white, while white pepper is more medicinal than black pepper. It is not as good as black pepper. White peppercorns are usually ground into white pepper when consumed, but the proper granules can also add a different taste to the dishes. Don’t mistake it for white pepper grains to be white. This is relative to black pepper. White pepper is generally pale yellow, not pure white. Everyone is choosing to pay attention to the color of the selection. The specific selection method will be introduced to you.

White pepper granules
Everyone must have eaten pepper? Pepper has a special aroma and is spicy. White pepper is warm and warm, good for relieving cold stomach pain caused by stomach cold, bowel diarrhea, etc. It can also sweat, and has a good effect on treating cold and cold, its aromatic smell It can also make people appetite and increase appetite. In addition, peppery dishes are not easy to deteriorate, indicating that pepper has antiseptic and antibacterial effects, and it can be used to solve fish and porcine venom.

How to eat white pepper
White pepper is a common seasoning in our daily life, and the medicinal value of white pepper is very high. So what is better with white pepper? Today, Mama.com recommends white pepper and pork belly soup. White pepper is warm, can drive cold and nourish the stomach; pig belly is sweet and gentle, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, make up the loss, pass the blood, and benefit the water. Combining these two kinds of ingredients can effectively treat stomach cold and indigestion caused by cold, debilitating cold and other diseases, and the soup is warm and milky white, which is a good diet.

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